Key Features with EVERY Reseller Hosting

  • Brandable control panel
  • Your own name servers
  • No investment required
  • No set-up fee
Reseller Hosting India

Reseller FAQ

What are the requirements to become a reseller?

NONE! We have no requirements because we offer our hosting plan at wholesale prices. However, you need to have at least 1 hosting plan with Suninfy to be applicable as a reseller.


What are the discount rates for resellers?

Since Suninfy is an established low cost hosting provider, we sell our hosting plan to each reseller on monthly or on annually basis with no set-up fee.


How much should I charge my customers?

Any price from five hundred rupees and up! Since our hosting plan offers so many features, especially unlimited access of many key features.


Who bills my customers?

You, the reseller bills your clients directly. We bill you for each plan under your reseller account and you then charge your customers at your given rates. We accept all forms of payment from our resellers.


Who provides customer support for my customers?

Resellers are obligated to provide all support for their clientele.


How do I add additional plans to my reseller account?

As a reseller, you will have live, online access to your account which will enable you to add/edit/update all of your hosting plans.


What are "name servers"? And how will they benefit me?

A name server is a server running multiple websites with unique domain names/IP addresses. As a reseller, we can brand you your own name server so it will appear to your clients that their websites are running on your own server, not Suninfy's. For example, when your client looks up a Whois on their domain name they will see rather than This can be beneficial if you wish to become an outsourced hosting company.


What do you mean by "brandable control panel" and what will it enable me and my clients to do?

We offer a control panel that includes over many features that you may bundle in to your own hosting packages. For resellers that have at least a reseller hosting plans may "brand" the control panel to represent their own hosting identity (i.e. it would appear as instead of In other words, you can have your own control panel "skin". Cpanel allows your customers to be more self-sufficient in managing their own websites.


How does the online management system of my reseller account work?

The online management system of your reseller account works exactly like (or rather it is) the Account Manager. It allows you to add/edit/update/cancel your plans, customer and billing information live, online any time you like.


If I need a static IP address for a customer I need to request it?

Yes, at this time Suninfy only issues static IP addresses to customers/resellers by request. We limit 1 IP address per plan. To request an IP address email with your username/reseller id and justification for address.


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