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Search Engine Optimization India

At Suninfy we first consider the search behavior of your target audience when developing or altering your web site content, as well as meta data, because the more relevant your site's content is to a specific query, the higher it will rank.

Search engine optimization relevance requirements are constantly evolving.

Search engine optimization, also known as natural search optimization, is a continuing process which allows a web site to gain free listings within the major search engines without incurring ongoing marketing costs. Search listings deliver countless millions in sales to the Web's most successful online retailers. Unfortunately most web sites are not properly designed to reach this market.


With over 70% of search click-through going to search results pages, it is imperative that you hire a professional company whose search service is consistent at producing high rankings for their clients. At suninfy our Search Specialists deliver ethical, innovative techniques and comprehensive solutions that provide a focused commitment to your online marketing success.

Many people and seo companies believe search optimization is about fixing some meta tags or other page code, and that is the end of it. This is one of many search engine myths. We know that search engine optimization is not merely about fixing meta tags or page code. Of course, this is a first step, but in most cases it is not enough. If that is all it took, everybody would be #1.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization is a continuing process. Suninfy's search engine optimization services include :

Web page content improvement

Keyword analysis and selection

Meta tag development and implementation

Link popularity integration

Directory development

Web page submission order and sequence